[Gluster-users] cannt delete volume

teebot at gsmserver.com teebot at gsmserver.com
Wed Oct 20 06:46:22 UTC 2010

  Unfortunately there is much more bugs and errors. :(
It is very bad that english is not my native language. I have much to say.
I will try as much as possible to simplify my thoughts.

1) After applying patch the volume was deleted, but i cannt create new 
volume any more. Next patch needed?
2) Why after command gluster volume create ...... gluster volume info shows

Volume Name: test
Type: Distribute
Status: Started
Number of Bricks: 2
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: glcore1:/sda2
Brick2: glcore2:/sda2

and web interface shows no volume at all.?

3) How to modify volume by CLI commad in order to add CIFS protocol 
maintenance and user access?

4) Why shell command "patch" is missing in installation image? How can i 
applay patch?

5) Why downloadable image contains  so much bugs?

6) Why i cannot subscribe for 30 day free support.

I want to test as much as possible gluster storage paltform and 
implement in production but system if full of bugs and even cannot be 
installed on test enviroment. :(

20.10.2010 01:14, Craig Carl пишет:
> We have confirmed the bug and escalated it to P1.
> Thanks.

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