[Gluster-users] mysql replication between two nodes

Richard de Vries rdevries1000 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 20:51:17 UTC 2010

Hello All,

I've a two node setup with replication between the nodes.
On only one of the two nodes runs a mysql database where the files of
the database are replicated.

The files are located on both nodes at:

and accessed via glusterfs on:


Gluster version 3.0.5 on RHEL5.5

In normal operation the database files are nicely replicated to the other node.

When you disconnect the network cable wait some time and reconnect,
The standby node comes back and some database files are out of sync.

Now at that time you do several times a stat of the files:
the stat returned different information.
Sometimes the information of the file on the node 1 and sometimes the
information of the file on node 2

Also I notice that before the disconnection of the cable the files on
both nodes under: /export/database are nicely updated,
but after the disconnect/reconnect only the files on the node 1 under
/export/database are updated (seen with stat command).

ls -lr of /opt/test/database on node 1 does not force an update of the
files on the node 2.

Could you help me in finding out why this occurs. As a solution I have
now to stop the database, rsync the data and restart the database.
After that, the replication goes again fine.


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