[Gluster-users] Failsafe replication between two DC - getting trash in files.

Mike Hanby mhanby at uab.edu
Thu Oct 7 21:25:09 UTC 2010

Thanks Amar, that would explain it, I hadn't yet installed the portmap package.

now to figure out how to hard code the NFS port range and enabling root squash

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On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 2:28 AM, Mike Hanby <mhanby at uab.edu<mailto:mhanby at uab.edu>> wrote:
How do you enabled gNFS for volumes in Gluster 3.1? I see in the gNFS beta doc from June it still refers to editing vol files and using glusterfs-volgen, I assume in 3.1 this is all handled via the 'gluster' command?

First things before starting any volumes in 3.1, please make sure no other NFS servers are running (kNFS, uNFS etc). Make sure, rpc portmap program is running.

Then create a volume in 3.1, with 'gluster volume create <>' command..

Now, run,

  nodeNNN# gluster volume start <VOLNAME>

The above command will start both GlusterFS and gNFS servers


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