[Gluster-users] some issue on our glusterfs

Parvaneh Naderi parvaneh at blastpromo.com
Tue Oct 5 15:27:26 UTC 2010


We have a web cluster running now on virtual servers (proxmox). I installed
gluster server and client on tow Hardware nodes,(one gluster server and 3
gluster client on each) which are centos5 64bit and stripe storage.

I have couple of issue which by reading the forum I couldn’t find the right

-          -anytime we push files to all servers, we get rsync error on
gluster client, if I go directly to server and do ‘ls -la’ on that
directory, and push again that file, then it overwrite or created the file

-          -on webpage, on and off shows the pages on IE browser or other
browser most of the time can not show any page or shows error 500.

-          When httpd is still running, most of the time nagios is sending
error message which ‘http_live’ is critical.

I would appreciate if someone can give me advice.



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