[Gluster-users] New to Gluster. Question about Postgres on Gluster.

JC de Villa jc.devilla at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 08:53:35 UTC 2010

Hi list,

First off, sorry if this message seems to ramble about. It's been a long day
that stretched through too many days.

I'm currently reviewing gluster as storage for our servers. While not
storing a massive data set (yet), it is starting to grow. The current setup
is one that I inherited and basically has nothing going for it at the
moment. No redundancy, back up policies are next to non-existent and if it
all falls apart, I get to pick up the pieces and try to put them back
together. I'm trying to get a requisition through finance at the moment for
additional hardware.

Anyway, we are running postgres for our databases. I was wondering how well
gluster fares with DB's? Drawbacks? Recommendations? I'll be putting up and
running a few VM's with gluster and run some tests to simulate the typical
workload for a day. It's usually more writes through the day with sporadic
reads when reports are generated.

I've gone through the docs on the community site, but it's a bit short where
DB's are concerned. Either that or I'm looking at it backwards and shouldn't
be too concerned about running postgres on top of gluster. Any advice would
be appreciated.

JC de Villa

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