[Gluster-users] Write performance tragically slow

Pavel Snajdr snajpa at snajpa.net
Thu Nov 11 02:23:49 UTC 2010


I imagine you get this kind of messages all the time, but just in case:

I have setup with 2 storage servers with debian package of gluster - 
version 3.1.0

They are connected by dedicated 1 gigabit ethernet cards.

I've set up simple replicated storage with 2 replicas and transport over 
TCP (just followed the how to on the wiki with obvious changes).

Here goes my problem:

If I try to copy small files (i.e. extract kernel source) I get a 
horrible results:

praha-storage2:/mnt/test# time tar xf linux-

real 15m19.825s
user 0m13.989s
sys 0m5.152s

likewise when rsyncing OpenVZ VPSes - I just can't get over 2MB/s in 

I've monitored all resources - CPU load, network, disk I/O - they are 
all used up to 0.00000nothing %.

Network latency is about 0.11 ms all the time.

Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Please help. I am frustrated :(

S pozdravem / Best Regards

Pavel Šnajdr
+420 720 107 791


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