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Craig Carl craig at gluster.com
Sun Nov 14 02:59:34 UTC 2010

Anselm - 
You can remove a brick online, you can't change the type of an existing volume, if you could explain what you what to do with a 'merge' and a 'split' I could give you a better answer, you can 'split' a volume by moving half the data to another volume and 'merge' data by copying all the data from one volume to another, is that what you want to do? 

Parity based storage in a distributed file system is difficult for several reasons, we are currently investigating some possibilities with erasure coding and will keep everyone up to date on our progress. 



Craig Carl 
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Subject: [Gluster-users] Online operations 


I have done some testing with glusterfs on the localhost. I was 
wondering what all operations you can do online with a glusterfs volume. 

Is it possible to remove a brick and shrink the volume without taking 
some data offline? Like a pvmove in Linux LVM that moves all data off a 
disk before you take it offline? 

Are the following operations possible to do online? 

- Change between mirroring and striping 
- Change the mirror or stripe count 
- Merge two volumes 
- Split a volume into two 

Is there a plan for supporting other redundancy levels that mirror, e.g. 
RAID 5, 6, ...? 

Thanks for any ideas, 
Anselm Strauss 
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