[Gluster-users] Import Config

Bala.JA bala at gluster.com
Fri Mar 26 05:30:51 UTC 2010

Hi Dean,

Current import functionality is broken and is disabled by default.  There were 
config file corruption occurred during import.

Rescue disk functionality will replace Import/Export and will rescue OS and 
configuration files.  Its still under development.


Dean Bruhn wrote:
> Doing some testing with a Gluster Platform setup and attempting to recover a
> cluster after losing the head node. All of the documentation I have read
> states that I should be able to reload the config from the import/export
> config tab in the UI. I have the config I exported but am unable to import a
> config.
> I have attempted this from firefox 3.6, latest safari and chrome. I was
> wondering if the feature has been disabled in this version or if there is
> something I need to do to actually make it work.
> - Dean

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