[Gluster-users] Concerned about glusterfs performance

Oliver Hoffmann oh at dom.de
Wed Mar 24 23:58:07 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I read the posting from Jeremy and did some tar tests myself. The 
hardware of my test servers is rather old. Two Dell 2550 which have an 
internal network via crosslink (100Mbit) for the glusterfs 
communication. I'll change to the other NIC (1Gbit) and run the test 
again tomorrow.
The results were pretty disappointing. I tar-ed the kernel sources which 
is around 80 MB. The resulting tar file had 11 MB. Unpacking this on 
ext4 lasted a few seconds while on my glusterfs-Raid 1 it took more than 
8 minutes! Then I took the config of Jeremy and got around 5 minutes for 
unpacking it.
Even if I have new and fast servers with 1Gbit or better 10Gbit ethernet 
for glusterfs I fear that the performance is still too poor. At least if 
it comes to reading/writing lots of tiny files from lots of clients. 
Mail- or db-servers come to mind.
What do you think?



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