[Gluster-users] Setup for production - which one would you choose?

Oliver Hoffmann oh at dom.de
Wed Mar 24 16:45:40 UTC 2010

Haha, there are loads of Linux distributions out there and even
strange OSes like *BSD or windooze or what's it called? ;-)

I tried out Gentoo a while ago but I droped it because all the compiling
took way too long. The big plus here is the big minus on debian like
systems. The current Ubuntu 9.10 for example has glusterfs 2.0.9,
period. If you want to have 3.0.2 then you have to wait for Ubuntu
10.04 or you compile it. 
But now that we have (almost) 10.04 with 3.0.2 I'll take this way.
Having such a system up and running on recent hardware is a matter of
maybe 10 or 20 minutes.


> On 22/03/2010 17:59, Oliver Hoffmann wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I just made some tests on two old machines using Ubuntu 10.4 (server
> > i386) with fuse-2.7.4glfs11 and glusterfs-3.0.3. At a first glance
> > it seems to be OK.
> > The next step is deploying a system which could be used for
> > production. What would you suggest? Ubuntu 10.4 (server 64bit) is my
> > first choice because of LTS. Whatsoever, I think it is more the
> > version of glusterfs which makes it stable or not, isn't it?
> > In the end I'd like to have a distributed&  replicated storage which
> > provides data for a bunch of (virtualized) LAMPS.
> >
> > TIA for your recommendations!
> >    
> I'm intrigued.  I had not realised that there were other options than 
> Gentoo for use on a server?!  (Bang up to date, flexible
> configuration and strong support of various virtualisation
> solutions.  Slight negative in update speeds, but can be mitigated by
> using a binary package cache)
> Will try out those new fangled options you suggested above, but in
> the meantime have a look at Gentoo (at least if you are fairly
> confident with your linux skills).  Big plug for linux-vservers also,
> especially in combination with some custom server profiles to define
> required software versions and options
> Good luck
> Ed W
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