[Gluster-users] Setup for production - which one would you choose?

Oliver Hoffmann oh at dom.de
Tue Mar 23 15:15:49 UTC 2010

Thanx, centos was my first attempt but well, if you're hooked
to debian/ubuntu...
Apart from that I discovered that glusterfs is not in the repositories.
At least the howtos on howtoforge all showed that you have to compile
it yourself.
However, 3.0.2 is in lucid now, which is good news!

> On 03/22/2010 06:59 PM, Oliver Hoffmann wrote:
> > The next step is deploying a system which could be used for
> > production. What would you suggest? Ubuntu 10.4 (server 64bit) is my
> > first choice because of LTS. Whatsoever, I think it is more the
> > version of glusterfs which makes it stable or not, isn't it?
> > In the end I'd like to have a distributed&  replicated storage which
> > provides data for a bunch of (virtualized) LAMPS.
>  From what i understand, Gluster is developed and tested internally
> on CentOS, so that may be a consideration as well.

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