[Gluster-users] Boot GSP node with KVM and VirtIO

Tejas N. Bhise tejas at gluster.com
Sun Mar 14 08:41:36 UTC 2010

Hi Jorgen,

Thanks for using GSP. GSP, as you know was released recently 
and as an open source software company, we do rely a lot on 
the community to test all the huge combinations of hardware 
and software stacks ( including the virtualized ones ) as we 
cannot have it all in-house.

I do not think we have done testing with VirtIO itself yet. 
I would request you to log a bug in gluster bugzilla for this
so it can be tracked and worked on. It would help if you 
can put as much information in the defect and also help the
developers when they work on it and if they require more 

Feel free to let us know of any other feedback you have
with GSP of GlusterFS.

Do let us know how you are using Gluster, the configuration,
the applications for which you store the data for etc.

Tejas Bhise.

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Subject: [Gluster-users] Boot GSP node with KVM and VirtIO

I'm trying to boot a virtual GSP node with Linux KVM and VirtIO. While
the install itself detects both the VirtIO harddisk (/dev/vdx) and
VirtIO ethernet nic and completes successfully, I'm not able to boot
the virtual machine from it. After POST I can only see the GSP boot
message and the countdown timer, but when the timer reach 0 it stalls.
When I reassign the _same_ disk as IDE or SCSI device, the virtual
machine boots as expected.
Am I missing something, is VirtIO not supported or is this a bug ?
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