[Gluster-users] Not mounting

m.roth at 5-cent.us m.roth at 5-cent.us
Mon Mar 8 17:53:28 UTC 2010

Well, I've been following what I think are good directions, and I'm at the
point of mounting it all. So, I run glusterfs /export/glusterfs, and what
I see in the log is
[2010-03-08 11:56:19] E [glusterfsd.c:554:_xlator_graph_init] <highest
number servername>:/glusterfs1: validating translator failed
[2010-03-08 11:56:19] E [glusterfsd.c:1291:main] glusterfs: translator
initialization failed.  exiting

CentOS 5.4, glusterfs 2.0.8.

I did see, while googling, a *very* few emails about this, but that was
with 2rc, and the response was try 2.0. Any ideas what I've got wrong?


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