[Gluster-users] old file not appear in namespace

khai pham phamhongkhai at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 08:13:12 UTC 2010

Hi the list,

I have 10TB data in /data/export directory in a server. And now, I
want to build a glusterfs system with one client and one server.

I use /data/export on server for data.
I created a new directory /data/export-ns on server for namespace.

I create /mnt/glusterfs on client and mount to glusterfs.

Glusterfs run ok. When I copy some file to /mnt/glusterfs. they appear
on /data/export and /data/export-ns(only file name, with 0 Byte) of
server. =>OK.

but 10TB my old file in /data/export not appear in /data/export-ns
namespace. How to create namespace for old file?

Do you have an idea what could have generated this message?

Thanks for your help.


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