[Gluster-users] Brick Preference

Harshavardhana harsha at gluster.com
Thu Jun 24 07:09:48 UTC 2010

On 06/23/2010 01:53 PM, Andy Pace wrote:
> Just wondering how Gluster determines which brick to send files to. I've got 4 bricks setup right now, and benchmarking 4 clients against them, and it seems that all the clients prefer bricks 3 and 4, rather than 1 and 2...
> It's setup in a replicating/distributing model.
> Is there a way to 'weight' them? It would make sense for doing this on commodity hardware, as Gluster advertises - send less traffic to smaller bricks, and more to the bigger bricks.
Hi Andy,

       Are you using the brick4 and brick4 from the same set of 
subvolume from the last time?.
       Since updating the replicate/distribute pairs you might need to 
run defrag.sh scripts to
       repopulate the hash values properly.  Also this is the case when 
you don't defrag the older
       directories on old exports gets files written to their own set of 
pairs.  Only new
       directories would help in creating files across evenly.


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