[Gluster-users] Performance

Harshavardhana harsha at gluster.com
Fri Jun 11 04:25:56 UTC 2010

On 06/10/2010 08:52 PM, Todd Daugherty wrote:
> I am not sure what you are saying? The default record size of
> ib_write_bw is 64K. But here is 128K.
> Do you think that the QDR Infiniband is not doing 3.3 gigabytes per
> seconds? And that is why I am only getting 500 megabytes per seconds
> via GlusterFS? You think that it is something wrong with the QDR
> setup? What are the actual commands that you want me run on the
> machines? I will run them.
> Do you have a single stream GlusterFS that can go OVER 3.3 gigabytes
> per second? What setup is it?
Excuse me for not being clear

you need to run "iozone" with higher record sizes. Your earlier command 
suggested you used "16k" for creating a 8GB file.

16k chunk writes over 2.0.9 version has lot of performance penalty, i 
think that is the reason why you are seeing such a slowness.

Please run the below commands

"iozone -a -i0 -i1 -s 8192m -r 64k iozone.$$.tmp"
"iozone -a -i0 -i1 -s 8192m -r 128k iozone.$$.tmp"
"iozone -a -i0 -i1 -s 8192m -r 1m iozone.$$.tmp"

Since your infiniband fabric looks quite alright and also your backend 
disk performing at 1GB/sec.  We should be near to 700-850MB/sec over 
glusterfs for writes as well as reads, if not then its a tuning or 
configuration issue.


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