[Gluster-users] how much has performance improved since 2.x?

Craig Carl craig at gluster.com
Tue Jun 8 05:40:42 UTC 2010

Michael - 
We are constantly working on improving performance, the 3.x release was no exception. The current version, 3.0.4 will perform significantly better than any 2.x release. The 3.0.5 release, just around the corner, includes three patches specifically designed to improve small file performance - 

selective readdirp - http://patches.gluster.com/patch/3203/ 
dht lookup revalidation optimization - http://patches.gluster.com/patch/3204/ 
updated write-behind default values - http://patches.gluster.com/patch/3223/ 

The current 3.0.5 beta is here - http://ftp.gluster.com/pub/gluster/glusterfs/qa-releases/glusterfs-3.0.5rc5.tar.gz . All the usual warnings about beta releases apply, no production, no important data. 
For users that can't use the GlusterFS client we have made some huge performance related leaps forward by writing our own NFS server, the gNFS. Currently at RC6 the engineering team is beta testing gNFS with several customers now. With gNFS small file performance has been improved 3x-5x over uNFS. 

The gNFS server - http://ftp.gluster.com/pub/gluster/glusterfs/qa-releases/nfs-beta/glusterfs-nfs-beta-rc6.tar.gz . All the usual warnings about beta releases apply, no production, no important data. 

I hope you will give 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 a try and let us know how it goes. If you need any help please feel free to get in touch anytime. 



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Subject: [Gluster-users] how much has performance improved since 2.x? 


I was curious if the 3.x glusterfs has made any significant write 
performance headway (especially when dealing with small files). Last 
time I was testing 2.x, I had to write glusterfs off due to poor 
performance (previous config/performance-stats can be accessed in list 
archives if curious). Did anyone notice *dramatic* improvement when 
switching to 3.x? 


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