[Gluster-users] Performance

Harshavardhana harsha at gluster.com
Mon Jun 7 20:52:28 UTC 2010

On 06/07/2010 06:22 AM, Todd Daugherty wrote:
> I have run iozone on the same machine with GlusterFS and without
> GlusterFS. (Local storage and Local storage via GlusterFS). I also
> included the results from a remote machine. The remote machine and the
> local glusterfs are the same. I am getting around 200 megabytes per
> second on reads. My local storage will do around 1400 megabytes per
> second. Any ideas why?
> Todd
To objectively understand the variables here, you need to provide us 
details you the hardware including infiniband card, RAM size.  Backend 
disk performance and type of disks (Raid controller).

Backend disk performance should be with "dd if=/dev/zero 
of=/<disk_mountpoint> bs=1M count=16386 oflag=direct"


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