[Gluster-users] DHT translator problem

Deyan Chepishev dchepishev at superhosting.bg
Fri Jun 4 10:03:18 UTC 2010


Thank you for the answer. However it looks like the problem self healed 
after I created new config files with glusterfs-volgen.

I guess that there were something wrong with the order of the volumes in 
the config file.


Shehjar Tikoo wrote:
> We need the logs to figure out the exact problem. Please run the 
> glusterfs command while mounting through FUSE with the following 
> command line option:
> glusterfs -f <your-dht-volfile> -L TRACE -l /tmp/dhtlog /mnt/gtest
> Then perform the same operations and email us the dhtlog file, and 
> we'll see whats going on.
> Thanks
> -Shehjar
> Deyan Chepishev wrote:

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