[Gluster-users] What about Stripe mode

Kamal K. Varma kamal at gluster.com
Tue Jun 1 22:03:10 UTC 2010

We recommend stripe only if you have very few, very large files that 
numerous clients need to access simultaneously. Otherwise and for most 
cases distribute (file level) is a better choice.

With some exceptions, when file data is striped across multiple nodes in 
a stripe set, and one node in that set goes down, then those blocks are 
what becomes inaccessible.  Other parts of file remain accessible.


shayn at shayn.ch wrote:
> Hello ,
> One more question..
> I see that glusterfs mode can be choose to distribute data between file
> server..
> Not sure of that but..
> If one server crashes.. ? All data are lost no ?
> Someone can me explain that, if it's correct or no ?
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