[Gluster-users] Installation problems.

unixadmin nath unixadmin007 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 14:54:55 UTC 2010

Hi, I have configured a glusterfs setup with 2 storage servers, srv1 and
srv2 and a client named client.

I am lost in the following case.

Mounted the filesystem from srv2 to the client. Shutdown the daemon on srv2
and copied a file (B6960-10009.iso) which is almost 510Mb to the client and
i can access the file from the client as well as the srv1.

But when i started the server srv2 by starting the daemon, the file
B6960-10009.iso became 0 byte on both srv2 and client. My expectation was
that it will update the file on srv2 instead of making the original 0 bytes
which is causing a big concern.

I am wrong some where ????? or do i need to do some tweek on config.

Thanks in advance.

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