[Gluster-users] Hi guys.... got few doubts reg the config and volz

sandeep dude sandeepvfx2006 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 18:35:24 UTC 2010

I am Sandeep from an Animation and Visual effects studio called as
GoldenEye.  We have a very unstructured data which needs some data
replication but in reality the requirement is scaling up and at the same
time replication is somewhat tougher so we are using the " Allway sync"
software to sync the folders from time to time worrying about the data
server failure.. now when I saw Gluster I just got an idea about the Isilon
storage.  I have few doubts which will make me to use gluster at my studio.

1. If I got a storage cluster with 6 storage servers with mirror option
enabled and now what is the performance? 6x? or 2x?
2. and what if a node fail? does the data resides on the other one?
3. using stripe on 6 servers means usable space is just 1 server space? and
performance is 6x ?

I have too much of data which will be sucking by the renderfarm and my
desktop users always complain that the servers are slower but still we have
Hitachi 2TB deskstar 7200rpm which sends 130MB/sec per disk but now I have
such a requirement where I want 400MB/sec for one editing machine and
600MB/sec for the renderfarm and another 400MB/sec for the deskstop users
all simultaneously and under the same name space...huh...

I believe gluster can help me in doing this...

I have setup gluster with onboard Gigabit Lan for Asus M2n68am motherboard
but its unable to connect... I was very very impressed with gluster
technology but unable to test it...

But I have few questions...

what to do in order to get that speed on my servers?

1. I want to use 4 machines with 4 1Gbps Intel dual port two cards per
system and 4 Hitachi 130MB/sec hard disk 2TB each drive ( 8TB in total per
system )

   want to use it in STRIPE config since its looking for performance
intensive ... But what about the usable space? will it become

my question is do i get 16Gbps of throughput for one file ( atleast
according to the calculation ) do I need to use stripe?

what will be the performance if i use 6 sata port motherboard with 6 HDD do
I get the performance of raid 0?

can you please help me out about my config?


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