[Gluster-users] trouble combining nufa, distribute and replicate

Matt langelino at gmx.net
Wed Jul 7 18:04:53 UTC 2010

On Jul 7, 2010, at 19:03 , Jeff Darcy wrote:

> On 07/07/2010 07:13 AM, Matthias Munnich wrote:
>> thanks a lot for your comment! It sounds like I hit a bug here.  Would 
>> you still feel queasy if I added "option lookup-unhashed yes" to avoid dht?
> I don't think that will really avoid dht, especially the
> extended-attribute parts that are the likely cause of conflict with nufa.
>> What I reported here was some initial testing.  In the end I like to use 
>> glusterfs to provide a uniform name space for our O(20) workstations
>> with lokal storage of 4 to 16TB.  The data should be mirrored (once)
>> for reliability and stored locally were possible for speed.   I also
>> would prefer not to glue together local disk using LVM or software
>> raid to keep it easy to add/remove disks without having to expand a
>> filesystem. 
>> Any hints how to  set this up  with glusterfs?
> I think you can get "close enough" with just nufa on top of replicate.
> If you have two disks per machine, no matter how many machines you have,
> assign one to be active and one passive.  Pair each active to a passive
> on another node however you like using cluster/replicate, then combine
> all of those using cluster/nufa with local-volume-name pointing to the
> replica pair where the active half is local.  If you had more than two
> disks per machine, this wouldn't work quite as well but the differences
> should be minor.  If that's not good enough, I just looked at the code
> and it doesn't seem like it would be hard to make nufa recognize
> multiple volumes (instead of just one) as local.  If you'd like, I could
> try generating and submitting a patch for that.

This would be REAL COOL!!!  Most of our machines hold 4 disk and a few
up to 8.

Thanks so much for the help!

... Matt

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