[Gluster-users] maxing out cpu

Dave Hall dave.hall at skwashd.com
Wed Jan 6 08:45:04 UTC 2010

Hi Raghavendra,

Thanks for the response.  I played with it a bit today, but I don't have
any good news - see below.

On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 19:18 +0400, Raghavendra G wrote:
> * Do you run into same problems without performance translators
> (write-behind, io-cache)? 

Unfortunately it does it with both disabled.  I ran tcpdump the machine
which was playing up and there didn't appear to be any traffic, either
locally or to the other servers.

> If you don't face any problem after removing performance translators,
> Is it possible to pin point which among write-behind and io-cache is
> causing the problem (Again by retaining only one of
> write-behind/io-cache)? Also is it possible to find out whether the
> client or server process that is using too much of cpu ("top" may help
> here)?

Sorry, I should have been clearer, it is the glusterfs client.
glusterfsd never seems to go above 10% even under load.  it is only 1
glusterfs process and it max's out a whole core.



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