[Gluster-users] Memory problems / leak in 2.0.6?

Roland Rabben roland at jotta.no
Fri Jan 1 10:47:52 UTC 2010

I am using Glusterfs 2.0.6 and I am experiencing some memory issues on the
clients. The clients will grow their memory usage to several GB's over one
or two days.
This causes my app to run out of memroy and I need to restart my app and
unmount the glusterfs volumes.

I have tried adjusting the io-cache to max 512MB but this does not seem to
have any effect.
My clients use replicate and distribute.

>From my glusterfs.vol file:

volume dfs
    type cluster/distribute
    option lookup-unhashed no
    option min-free-disk 5%
    subvolumes repl-000-001-01 repl-000-001-02 repl-000-001-03
repl-000-001-04 repl-002-003-01 repl-002-003-02 repl-002-003-03

# Enable write-behind to decrease write latency
volume wb
    type performance/write-behind
    option flush-behind off
    option cache-size 64MB
    subvolumes dfs

volume cache
    type performance/io-cache
    option cache-size 512MB
    subvolumes wb

Is this a memory leak or is there a way to limit the memory usage on the

I am running this on Ubuntu 9.04.


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