[Gluster-users] adding to gluster a node with 24TB of disk and 16GB RAM

admin iqtc iqtcub at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 08:38:16 UTC 2010


sorry for not giving more information on the first mail.

The setup would be straight distributed. The disks are SATA2 7200RPM. ATM
the 5 machines we're currently running have 5 disks of 1TB(4TB with RAID5)
each. The new machine would have 12 disks of 2TB with RAID5 as well, so 23TB

We're using gluster for storage of an HPC cluster. That means: Data gets
copied from gluster and to gluster all the times. For example looking at the
traffic on the switch, the average is 64Mbit/s IN(that is, writing) and
43Mbit/s OUT(that is, reading). That is among the 5 machines.

Is this enough?


2010/12/27 Mark "Naoki" Rogers <mrogers at valuecommerce.co.jp>

> Hi Jordi,
> To clarify - this new node going to take you up to six nodes with the sixth
> one of vastly different system spec to the others, in what configuration
> will it be, dist+rep or straight distributed ?
> An hard question either way without knowing a little more about the
> hardware and a lot more about expected usage patterns. How random are the
> access going to be, what's your expected read hit rate, and then how fast
> are the disks?
> Memory as buffer (FS) cache but isn't necessarily needed until your cache
> miss overflow exceeds the performance of the drives.
> Cheers.
> On 12/23/2010 07:27 PM, admin iqtc wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> we are planning to add a new node in our Gluster cluster ( 5 nodes with
>> 5TB
>> and 8GB RAM each node and gigabit connection).
>> This new node will consist a 24TB disk and 16GB of RAM. Do you think that
>> it
>> could be some performance problem with this proportion? A lot of disk in
>> front of memory capacity. We are multiplying x6 disk capacity and only x2
>> memory capacity.
>> Any guide line we should follow for calculating the memory requirements
>> etc.?
>> thanks in advance,
>> best regards,
>> jordi
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