[Gluster-users] FW: Why is volume creation unsuccessful?

Maurice R Volaski maurice.volaski at einstein.yu.edu
Thu Dec 23 16:02:51 UTC 2010

I made a little progress. Glusterfs appears to require
/usr/local/etc/glusterfs/glusterfsd.vol. The compiled installation
installs a sample file and documentation makes no mention of it. It seems
that at least one parameter in the file, the path of the exported share
must be given (and exist).

This eliminates the errors about volume creation failing, although it
doesn't actually succeed. Instead, it gives a different error:

[rpcsvc.c:689:rpcsvc_program_actor] rpc-service: RPC program not available
[server.c:428:server_rpc_notify] server: disconnected connection from

It looks as if glusterfs wants at least parts of NFS to be running.
However, turning them on and setting it to share the path I supplied to
glusterfsd.vol) did not make a difference.

On 12/21/10 12:30 AM, "Maurice Volaski" <maurice.volaski at einstein.yu.edu>

>>     It seems you have only two machines( in the cluster.
>>"Peer probe of localhost" is not allowed. The peer status should only
>>show one peer in the output, i.e. on the machine 54 and
>> on machine 55. I wonder how you went into this state. There
>>was a bug in 3.1.0 (1855) which lead to this problem, but that is fixed
>>in 3.1.1. Did you do all your operations on 3.1.1 or upgraded from
>I can tell you exactly how this happened. I added the one machine as a
>peer and then when I tried the volume creation line, I got the error that
>the system I was typing on was "not a friend," so I figured I should add
>it as a peer. Interestingly, that removed this error and gave me this
>other one. So I started fresh to reproduce the first error
>Creation of volume glustervol has been unsuccessful
>Host not a friend (I'm typing on
>Here is the debug log:
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.336433] I
>[glusterd-handler.c:785:glusterd_handle_create_volume] glusterd: Received
>create volume req
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.336525] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:484:glusterd_check_volume_exists] : Volume glustervol
>does not exist.stat failed with errno : 2 on path:
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.336623] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:610:glusterd_brickinfo_new] : Returning 0
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.336643] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:667:glusterd_brickinfo_from_brick] : Returning 0
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337176] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:201:glusterd_is_local_addr] glusterd: is
>not local
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337197] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:2182:glusterd_hostname_to_uuid] : returning 1
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337213] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:622:glusterd_resolve_brick] : Returning 1
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337228] E
>[glusterd-utils.c:2311:glusterd_new_brick_validate] glusterd: Host
> not a friend
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337243] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:2344:glusterd_new_brick_validate] : returning 1
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337294] E
>[glusterd-handler.c:906:glusterd_handle_create_volume] glusterd: Unlock on
>opinfo failed
>[2010-12-21 00:26:20.337312] D
>[glusterd-utils.c:560:glusterd_volume_bricks_delete] : Returning -1

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