[Gluster-users] Gluster 3.1 newbe question

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Tue Dec 21 13:54:21 UTC 2010

First of all hello to all,

I have build up a two peer gluster on centos 5.5 x64
My Version:
glusterfs --version
glusterfs 3.1.0 built on Oct 13 2010 10:06:10
Repository revision: v3.1.0
Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Gluster Inc. <http://www.gluster.com>
You may redistribute copies of GlusterFS under the terms of the GNU Affero
General Public License.

I set up my bricks and vols with success:
[root at ctdb1 peers]# gluster volume info

Volume Name: samba-vol
Type: Replicate
Status: Created
Number of Bricks: 2
Transport-type: tcp

And mounted them everything great.
But when testing: Writing on one peer-server while the other is restarted or
down gluster is hanging until the second
Is online again.
How do I manage to get around this. Users should work without interruption
or waiting  and the files should be replicated
Again after the peers are online again!??   

EDV Daniel Müller

Leitung EDV
Tropenklinik Paul-Lechler-Krankenhaus
Paul-Lechler-Str. 24
72076 Tübingen

Tel.: 07071/206-463, Fax: 07071/206-499
eMail: mueller at tropenklinik.de
Internet: www.tropenklinik.de

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