[Gluster-users] simple 2 server replication question - how to mount for HA

Jacob Shucart jacob at gluster.com
Thu Dec 2 16:24:29 UTC 2010


If you're using Gluster 3.1.1 then you don't need to do anything with vol
files including mounting using them.  When you mount using -t glusterfs as
an option, you can just point to the hostname:/VOLFILE and Gluster will
automatically retrieve vol file information and open parallel connections
to the Gluster storage nodes.  This also means you don't need to mount
different hostnames to different clients since the hostname you use is
only used for the initial configuration retrieval.  Also, when using -t
glusterfs to mount, your connection will already be highly available since
the Gluster native protocol has failover built in to it.  If you are
testing failover, just be aware that there is a ping-timeout setting
described in the documentation that handles how long Gluster will wait for
a server if it is unable to contact a server.


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We are setting up a redundant storage cluster with 2 servers with Gluster
FS 3.1

Per the documentation here:


We would create a volume using this:

#gluster volume create test-volume replica 2 transport tcp server1:/exp1

Now my question is how do we mount the clients in a HA fashion so that if
one of the servers goes down things stay online?

If we use this mount option:

#mount -t glusterfs [-o <options>] <volumeserver>:<volumeid> <mount‐

with a single server then there is an issue if that server goes down,

I understand we could point to a volume file instead,  could that volume
file contain references for both servers?

#mount -t glusterfs [-o <options>] <path/to/volumefile> <mountpoint>

Should/is the replication done on the server side or the client side?  It
seems it is being replicated by the server with this “replica 2” volume,
so the question is how do we do the mount?

Is it possible that the volume information is synched between the 2
servers so that we can point the clients in our environment to either
Gluster servers?

Many thanks,

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