[Gluster-users] Gluster crashing

Kelvin Westlake Kelvin at netbasic.co.uk
Mon Apr 12 07:45:51 UTC 2010

I've found a work around to this, on Centos 5.4, I completely removed
all the fuse rpms (find them with rpm -qa | grep fuse), then downloaded
the latest FUSE version and built it myself.

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From: Kelvin Westlake 
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Subject: Gluster crashing

Hi Guys

I have 2 physical servers, which I'm trying to setup in a HA pair.. I'm
sharing 2 volumes (home-gfs and shared-gfs) across these servers in
RAID1 (replicated), then I'm mounting clients on each server as home/
and shared/, if I lose one of the Servers and then remount it, the
client on the other server seems to crash out. The following is the long
entries leading to the crash -

[2010-04-09 16:50:44] E [socket.c:762:socket_connect_finish] connection to failed (Connection
[2010-04-09 16:50:44] E [socket.c:762:socket_connect_finish] connection to failed (Connection
[2010-04-09 16:51:31] N [client-protocol.c:6246:client_setvolume_cbk] Connected to, attached to remote
volume 'brick2'.
[2010-04-09 16:51:31] E
[afr-self-heal-common.c:1237:sh_missing_entries_create] mirror-1:
unknown file type: 01
pending frames:
frame : type(1) op(READDIRP)

patchset: git://git.sv.gnu.org/gluster.git
signal received: 11
time of crash: 2010-04-09 16:51:31
configuration details:
argp 1
backtrace 1
dlfcn 1
fdatasync 1
libpthread 1
llistxattr 1
setfsid 1
spinlock 1
epoll.h 1
xattr.h 1
st_atim.tv_nsec 1
package-string: glusterfs 3.0.0git

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