[Gluster-users] About read-subvolume

pkoelle pkoelle at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 05:37:41 UTC 2010

Am 08.04.2010 04:07, schrieb Chris Jin:
> Thanks for replying so quickly.
> Is there a particular reason why lookup(), open(), and close() have to
> be sent to all up nodes?
Disclaimer: I've just recently started to use gluster, so take this with 
a grain of salt.

AFAIK what you see is expected behaviour and cannot circumvented due to 
design decisions to keep all sync logic at the client side. The servers 
don't know about each other and it is the responsibility of the client 
to track changes to files. Thus you can't operate locally and rely on 
the server to notify you when things change on other nodes.

This design is somewhat unfortunate as the performance with many small 
files has turned out to be unacceptably slow in our scenario.


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