[Gluster-users] No space left on device (when there is actually lots of free space)

Kali Hernandez kali at thenetcircle.com
Tue Apr 6 06:51:49 UTC 2010

On 04/06/2010 02:36 PM, Krzysztof Strasburger wrote:
> As you see, nodes 35 and 45 are full. Go back to 2.0.9 and use the unify
> translator with load balancing.
> Stripe needs free space on each subvolume. DHT (distribute) has the weak
> point that it may decide to put a file on a full subvolume, because of
> the filename's hash function value. Unify was much better in such situations,
> but unfortunately it is no longer supported in 3.x. You may find it under the
> "legacy" directory tree and it even compiles, but does not work.
> Krzysztof

So basically this means no solution is really good as for glusterfs 3.0?

I mean, whichever translator I use, I will eventually run into this 
situation where I will try to write a file and gluster will report "no 
free space" while there _is_ free space, either because it needs to 
write an entry for each file in every node, or because the hash function 
used to decide the node is not able to fall back to another node when 
this one is full?

To me, this makes the whole glusterfs totally useless, as I will 
randomly get no free space errors even if there is space, so what's the 
point on it?

Does the Unify translator work properly in 2.0.x?

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.


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