[Gluster-users] replicate issue

Zhuo Yin zhuoyin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 06:11:34 UTC 2009

Hi, all:

I met an issue when dealing with replicate translator.

I have 48 x 1TB disks, they are lied on several machines. I configured  
16 volumes, each volumes is based on replicate translator and  
contained 3 disks (copies) from 3 different machines. So the efficient  
storage space is 16T. each machine are using the exactly the same  
client/server configuration file and all the machines can access to  
the whole space.

I'm testing the glusterfs by reading files, and at the same time, I  
randomly bring down two machines' NICs to simulate machine's shut  
down. since my configuration ensured 3 copies of the same data are all  
on the different machines, so fail two machines will not affect the  
reading process.

But in my test, it fails, I read a file via machine A, and this file  
has 3 copies in 3 different machines (machine B, C, D), I failed the  
machine B and C's NIC, and machine D is still on-line and the copy of  
file is still there. when I doing `stat foo.txt` on machine A, it  
reports can't find the file. I think it's not working as expect on  
replicate translator.

The tricky things is, machine A, D are using exactly the same   
configuration as I mentioned before, so both can access the 16T space.  
And I tried to do `stat foo.txt` on machine D which has the last copy  
of foo.txt. it finally found the file, and I do `stat foo.txt` on  
machine A again, it also found this file.

Any idea?

Zhuo Yin

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