[Gluster-users] Replication data between two servers (only two physical machines)

Gonzalez Tolaretxipi, Alain gonzalez.al at ikusi.es
Thu Sep 24 14:33:28 UTC 2009



I have a problem. I need replicate data between two servers, but only between two physical servers. 


I have mounted GlusterFS with 3 servers (2 servers with glusterfs-server and 1 server with glusterfsd-client). 


I have one directory to replicate between two servers: /home/data 


I have one client program and it can conect to any of my two servers and use the files. Moreover, if It edit/delete/add files to one of my two servers, I will need automatic replication on the other server on /home/data. 


It is posible only on two machines? I think that I need to run on the same machine glusterfs and glusterfsd, but I don´t succeed. 




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