[Gluster-users] The continuing story ...

David Saez Padros david at ols.es
Fri Sep 11 06:39:08 UTC 2009


>>> Instead of guessing and contemplating and using your brain cycles to 
>>> figure out the cause, have you instead taken the effort to post the 
>>> kernel backtraces you have to the linux-kernel mailing list yet? All 
>>> you need to do is compose an email with the attachment you have 
>>> already posted here previous and shoot it out to LKML.
>> yes, i have do that to the debian bug tracking system but reporting
>> bugs to those busy systems usually don't get any useful result
> I think you have enough data to bug LKML. As Debian is not a 
> subscription service - personally, I would go right to the experts, 
> which is LKML or RedHat. Nothing direct against Debian - but in my 
> memories, I don't recall kernel experts frequently using or being part 
> of the Debian project. They probably exist - but the best work on the 
> mainstream kernel on LKML, or get hired by a company such as RedHat.

mmm ... in the past doing this will result in .. if you use debian
post to the debian bugtrack, or update your kernel to the latest version
or similar things that have no results at all, nevertheless i will try

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