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David Saez Padros david at ols.es
Thu Sep 10 16:26:03 UTC 2009


> Instead of guessing and contemplating and using your brain cycles to figure out the cause, have you instead taken the effort to post the kernel backtraces you have to the linux-kernel mailing list yet? All you need to do is compose an email with the attachment you have already posted here previous and shoot it out to LKML.

yes, i have do that to the debian bug tracking system but reporting
bugs to those busy systems usually don't get any useful result

>> Just note that a user has pointed in
>> another message part of code not testing for null pointers, so the
>> code could be plenty of similar things that can produce undesirable
>> and/or unknown side effects.
> Now, you are clearly proving that you have no clue about what you just spoke, neither have you been reading my previous explanations. You have no clue what a NULL pointer in a userland app can do and cannot do. And you talk about unknown and undesirable effects of such programming bugs of a userland application without understanding fundamental operating system concepts of kernel memory isolation and system call mechanisms between processes and kernels. A missing NULL check can result in a segfault of glusterfsd. A userspace application has a limit to the damage it can cause. And that limitation is by virtue of it being a userspace app in the first place. 

please read my messages i *never* said that a null pointer could be the
cause of this problem, i just used this as an example of code that does
not behave correctly (the null pointer is like zero division, something
that programmers learn in the first class), if one programmer can miss
this it can miss even worse things.

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