[Gluster-users] glusterfsd initscript default sequence

Jeff Evans jeffe at tricab.com
Mon Sep 7 04:18:09 UTC 2009

> In the case that the node is both a server and a client, as I
> wish to  use it (3-node cluster, where each is both a client and
> server in  cluster/replicate configuration), I found that using
> /etc/fstab to mount  and the default glusterfsd initscript of S90
> causes the mount to be made  before glusterfsd is up.

My scenario exactly.

> In a test I
> just ran where I restarted all  three nodes at the same time, for
> the server that came up first, it  seems the client decided
> nothing was up.

Yes, and this causes anything that depends upon the glusterfs mount to
wait at startup for the FS to become available.

>I too think S90 is off,
> although I'm not sure where it should go, or how to make it start
>  glusterfsd before it gets to /etc/fstab mounting?

I think the only way to ensure glusterfsd comes up before fstab
mounting (mount -a) is by using the noauto option and then mounting it
later in rc.local or whenever you are ready.

In my case, I want glusterfs available ASAP and using S50 was adequate
as this is before anything like smb/nfs/httpd starts looking for the

Thanks, Jeff.

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