[Gluster-users] glusterfsd initscript default sequence

Mark Mielke mark at mark.mielke.cc
Mon Sep 7 02:34:32 UTC 2009

On 09/06/2009 10:00 PM, Jeff Evans wrote:
> I have noticed that the glusterfsd initscript (for redhat, at least)
> ships with sequence defaults of S90&  K12.
> I think this is WAY off.
> This is a filesystem which may potentially be hosting critical
> services, surely it needs to come up along side NFS or earlier?
> I would expect values of about 50 to be the default.
> Can anyone think of a reason why glusterfsd should not be brought up
> as soon as possible, then down as late as possible?

In the case that the node is both a server and a client, as I wish to 
use it (3-node cluster, where each is both a client and server in 
cluster/replicate configuration), I found that using /etc/fstab to mount 
and the default glusterfsd initscript of S90 causes the mount to be made 
before glusterfsd is up. In a test I just ran where I restarted all 
three nodes at the same time, for the server that came up first, it 
seems the client decided nothing was up. I too think S90 is off, 
although I'm not sure where it should go, or how to make it start 
glusterfsd before it gets to /etc/fstab mounting?

Anybody know the RedHat initscript magic to make glusterfs show up as a 
'network mount', therefore worthy of being mounted a little later? Or if 
it already does this (?) what should glusterfsd be started as to beat this?


Mark Mielke<mark at mielke.cc>

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