[Gluster-users] GlusterFS mounted home directories

Benjamin Long Benjamin.Long at longbros.com
Fri Oct 9 18:57:51 UTC 2009

Just want to let everyone know that with a couple of all-nighters I was able 
to replace my NFS mounted home directories with GlusterFS replicated across 
two servers.

A couple of things I learned:
Server side AFR doesn't work right. Not sure if I really care. It would have 
been nice to use the bonded Gigabit connection between the servers to do the 
mirroring, rather then client/server network bandwidth, but... oh well.

Some apps have issues with direct-io on the client side. The most notorious 
one I had problems with was KMail. Disconnected IMAP indexes would be written 
to, then not read, causing peoples email to seemingly disappear. It took me 
HOURS to figure that out. Another one was Firefox and it's sqlite databases. 
Although I haven't tested it, I'm sure Akonadi and it's mysql databases would 
have an issue as well.

Anyway, I hope this info saves others some time.

Benjamin Long

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