[Gluster-users] Multiple volumes on one server

Wei Dong wdong.pku at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 00:56:28 UTC 2009

GlusterFS doesn't support cascaded DHT (is it suported in 2.0.7?), so 
you can only use DHT once either on server side or client side.  I'm 
wondering if exporting multiple volumes on each server and only using 
DHT at client side would lose some performance.

- Wei

Vikas Gorur wrote:
> Thomas Wakefield wrote:
>> I want to have two or more servers each serving out 40TB of disk 
>> space (80TB+ of total space).  And i am wondering the best way to 
>> configure this amount of disk.
>> Is it possible to have multiple volumes mounted on single gluster 
>> server,  but for the client to see the volumes as one mount point?  I 
>> couldn't find an answer in the documentation.  Even with XFS, i am 
>> worried about having a single 40TB volume.  So i was thinking either 
>> 2 or 4 volumes to combine together to get to 40TB.
> You can combine multiple volumes using the distribute translator and
> the clients will see them as a single mountpoint.
> Vikas
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