[Gluster-users] Making subvomules readonly with distribute translator, removing/readding a node

Joe Julian joej+gluster at edwyse.com
Sun Nov 15 19:46:15 UTC 2009

Make sure when you cp to use --preserve=all to ensure you copy the 
xattrs to the new filesystem.

On 11/11/2009 2:07 AM, Markus Gerstner wrote:
> Heya,
> unfortunately, I ran out of inodes on some of my bricks. While I'm fully
> aware of the problem itself, I seem to have made a mistake when creating
> the filesystem and did not specify the bytes per inode.
> Anyway, since several bricks are not writable as of now and therefore
> generating errors when trying to write to them, I would like to make
> them readonly until I have successfully migrated them to newly created
> filesystems. We're running glusterfs 2.0.8 with distribute translator
> and unfortunately I can not find any option to make subvolumes readonly.
> Did I miss anything and would anyone please be so kind as to point me in
> the right direction?
> Also, what's the best way to remove and re-add a brick with minimal risk
> of losing data? I read that copying the export-directory to a new node
> and adding that node instead of the old one should work fine with
> distribute and it's possible the easiest way if I can find the space
> somewhere. :-)
> Best Regards and thanks in advance.
> Markus Gerstner
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