[Gluster-users] Making subvomules readonly with distribute translator, removing/readding a node

Markus Gerstner m.gerstner at bmiag.de
Wed Nov 11 10:07:50 UTC 2009


unfortunately, I ran out of inodes on some of my bricks. While I'm fully
aware of the problem itself, I seem to have made a mistake when creating
the filesystem and did not specify the bytes per inode.
Anyway, since several bricks are not writable as of now and therefore
generating errors when trying to write to them, I would like to make
them readonly until I have successfully migrated them to newly created
filesystems. We're running glusterfs 2.0.8 with distribute translator
and unfortunately I can not find any option to make subvolumes readonly.
Did I miss anything and would anyone please be so kind as to point me in
the right direction?

Also, what's the best way to remove and re-add a brick with minimal risk
of losing data? I read that copying the export-directory to a new node
and adding that node instead of the old one should work fine with
distribute and it's possible the easiest way if I can find the space
somewhere. :-)

Best Regards and thanks in advance.
Markus Gerstner

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