[Gluster-users] About DHT Translater

Vahriç Muhtaryan vahric at doruk.net.tr
Sat May 30 09:51:09 UTC 2009



Sorry I would like to understand all components correctly and hava a
question about DHT.


Instead of loookup from all servers related file your are starting to use
32bit hash for each file for keep where is stored. 


1)      Where this hash is stored ? on servers or on clients ? I mean
clients already know the hash and request file directly from related server
? or all backend server have all hash informations and redirect request to
right server ? 

2)      İn where and which format are you storing hashs , can I see it ? 

3)      Looks like if I add new server to servers farm then looks like no
way to distribute already stored data to new server for balance disk usage
on all servers ? Because file is already hashed and there is no rehesh
mechanisim after data rearranged, right ? if it is , then design problem
could couse because if people do not know trend of their data, they can do
wrong things and they can not optimize it in feaure , isn't it ? 




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