[Gluster-users] File deletion issue

Vikas Gorur vikas at gluster.com
Fri May 29 06:14:14 UTC 2009

----- "Paras Fadte" <plfgoa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,

> The issue is when I delete a file from  /data/export from machine A1
> it gets deleted from /mnt/glusterfs on Machine B but remains on
> machine A2. If I specify A2's IP first in client volume file then
> deleting a file from /data/export on A2 deletes file from
> /mnt/glusterfs on Machine B but not from Machine A1. Is this behavior
> correct ? What could be the issue in this case ?

This is a known issue in replicate. From the wiki:

"Self-heal of a file that does not exist on the first subvolume:

If a file does not exist on the first subvolume but exists on some other subvolume,
it will not show up in the output of 'ls'. This is because the replicate translator
fetches the directory listing only from the first subvolume. Thus, the file that does
not exist on the first subvolume is never seen and never healed. However, if you know
the name of the file and do a 'stat' on the file or try to access it in any other way,
the file will be properly healed and created on the first subvolume."

Engineer - Z Research

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