[Gluster-users] AFR translator on more than one client node

Vikas Gorur vikas at gluster.com
Tue May 26 09:37:46 UTC 2009


> I've searched the wiki but I didn't find the answer to my question...
> Can I use the AFR translator on more than one client node with the
> same mirrored volumes? 

Yes, you can.

> The goal is to use GlusterFS instead of GFS or
> OCFS2. For example, I have two nodes, A and B, exporting volA and
> volB. Those two volumes are mirrored by the AFR on client node C. Can
> a add another client node, D, which is using the same configuration as
> node C and accesses the same mirror?

Just make sure that on both the clients C and D, the order of the remote subvolumes
is the same. That is, have the line
   subvolumes volA volB

on both the clients.

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