[Gluster-users] Pending fcntl locks found!

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Mon Mar 16 16:57:23 UTC 2009

Also, I'm wondering if this is related to the fact that I have single 
process client/server.
which used to be the recommended method and now is not.

if I split those out, will that solve my problem?

At 09:50 AM 3/16/2009, Keith Freedman wrote:
>At 04:06 AM 3/16/2009, Vikas Gorur wrote:
>>2009/3/14 Keith Freedman <freedman at freeformit.com>:
>> > all of a sudden, I'm getting messages such as this:
>> >
>> > 2009-03-13 23:14:06 C [posix.c:709:pl_forget] posix-locks-home1: Pending
>> > fcntl locks found!
>> >
>> > and some processes are hanging waiting presumably for the locks?
>> > any way to find out what files are being locked and unlock them.
>> > restarting gluster doesn't seem to solve the problem.
>>Are you using any applications that hold POSIX fcntl locks? Try
>>running the server in debug mode --- then you can find out which files
>>are being locked/not unlocked, etc.
>well, I'm sure I am, I've no idea really, there are some php scripts 
>which seem to hang and some python programs.
>however, this problem only manifested itself when I upgraded to rc4 
>and the new fuse-2.7.4glfs11
>so something must be significantly different about how those (or 
>that combination) handles locks.
>Also, debug mode wont really solve the problem, cause knowing what 
>exact file is the problem, isn't going to help because that wont 
>really tell me how to prevent this from happening.  Clearly one side 
>should get the lock and one should wait, rather than both servers in 
>the replicate pair just hanging on the same file?
>in addition, ERROR mode logging should log enough related 
>information to know this stuff (this is an enhancement request :) )
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