[Gluster-users] Problem with the permission in our file server

Vikas Gorur vikas at zresearch.com
Mon Mar 16 12:34:13 UTC 2009

2009/3/16 Raja <coksupp2 at spectrum.net.in>:
> Hi,
> Is there any problem with the file system that we are using in /storage
> file system we used here is reiserfs
> root at fs4-cok /storage# cat /etc/fstab
> /dev/cciss/c0d1p1       /storage            reiserfs     defaults      1 2
> file system we used in the web server is jfs
> root at w3-cok /opt/home# cat /etc/fstab
> /dev/cciss/c0d1p1       /opt                    jfs     defaults        1 2

No, there is no problem there. Is the problem consistently reproducible?

Engineer - Z Research

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