[Gluster-users] balancing at the distribute translator

Dongmin Yu min at hostway.co.kr
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>From the distribute translator document,


It seems to calculate hash value based on its parent directory.


For example, I have 3 bricks, br1, br2, br3 and each has 100G.

And I'm going to more files on the following two directories, one is 10G

the other is 150G


/aa/*       (thousand files total 10G)

/bb/*       (tens of thousand files total 150G)


If files in /aa/ is mapped to br1 and  /bb/ is mapped to br2, would the

overflowing 50G of /bb/ be stored at one of free spaces in br1 or br3?

(min-free-disk is 0 for easier example)


If it is supported, how GFS can fine the overflowing files with O(1).







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