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eagleeyes eagleeyes at 126.com
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Thanks a lot 



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You can just define the type as 'testing/features/trash' instead of 'features/trash' in the vol file. Please realize that it is probably in testing for a reason - I don't know which one though.


2009/6/18 eagleeyes <eagleeyes at 126.com>

     I want to use features/trash  in gluster2.0.0 servers ,but when i start  gluster server ,it tell  me  this :
2009-06-18 15:41:57 E [xlator.c:598:xlator_set_type] xlator: /lib/glusterfs/2.0.0/xlator/features/trash.so: cannot open shared object file:
 No such file or directory
2009-06-18 15:41:57 E [spec.y:211:section_type] parser: volume 'trash1', line 27: type 'features/trash' is not valid or not found on this machine
     so i find the trash.so was in /lib/glusterfs/2.0.0/xlator/testing/features/trash.so ,what should i do if i want use  features/trash  ? I try copy the file from /lib/glusterfs/2.0.0/xlator/testing/features/ into the /lib/glusterfs/2.0.0/xlator/features/,but it didn't work .
     Who can help me ? waiting for your return ! thanks a lot .

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