[Gluster-users] Question re 2-server Mirrored setup

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Subject: [Gluster-users] Question re 2-server Mirrored setup

In the sample config for a 2-server mirror setup at:


both volumes are considered remote and use
tcp as transport-type.  If you intend to use
a local volume as one of the 2 servers in a
mirrored setup, is there any advantage in defining
glusterfs.vol as below?

volume remote
   type protocol/client
   option transport-type tcp
   option remote-host w.x.y.z
   option remote-subvolume brick

volume posix
   type storage/posix
   option directory /localstoragedir

volume local
   type features/posix-locks
   subvolumes posix

volume replicate
   type cluster/replicate
   subvolumes local remote

yes, with read-subvolume specified to be local, reads will be faster. Also, since first child of replicate will be lock-server, keeping the local subvolume as first child will increase performance.

read-subvolume to replicate can be specified using "option read-subvolume local"

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